Training Courses 

Training & Advisory Services offered by W.P.D. Freight Management

Our Customs & BREXIT Training 

We provide Customs Training courses and Advisory Services to Manufacturers, Importers / Exporters to ensure the seamless movement of their products on a Global basis.

Our teams of highly specialized professionals in Customs / Regulatory and Supply Chain operations will guide you through all aspects of International Customs requirements

The courses provide practical information for the various roles within your organisation with responsibility for customs including, management, supply chain operations, sales, accounts, and customer service/administration staff.
Further details are available in the short overview video: 
What is covered in the course?
  • The Role of Customs
  • BREXIT Considerations
  • Customs & Duties Framework
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Tariff Classifications
  • Incoterms and much more....

International Customs Requirements 

The course covers regulatory advice such as:

  • Customs Advisory Services
  • Availability of Customs Training Courses
  • Blended (Combination of Online & Classroom)
  • Classroom & In-House (Can be done via video conferencing)
  • Customs Clearance Services - SAD's (Imports & Exports)
  • Tariff Code Classification Services
  • Bespoke (Customs) Software Providers

Customs Training Course

The course includes:

  • Role of Customs - Regulatory Compliance - Practical Implementation
  • Understanding & Completion of Customs Documentation - Inclusive of SAD's (Import / Export)
  • Tariff Classifications - Origins & Preferences (Risk Mitigation)
  • Incoterms - Valuations (Definitions & Terms)
  • Trade Relationship Between Countries - W.T.O - Transit Procedures (Documentation)
  • Customs Audits (Awareness & Pre-Audit Preparation)
  • BREXIT Considerations (Including Supply Chain Assessment) 

Revenue Taric and RevPay System

Take the uncertainty out of revenue taric's & revpay

W.P.D Freight Management has the experience to assist you with Revenue Taric's and the RevPay System, and can supply you with a detailed training video which covers step by step the processes involved. 

A description of what our Taric & RevPay training covers, is outlined in the short video below:

For access to our full training video on Revenue Taric & RevPay, please contact us.

A practical guide to revenue taric and revpay system
  • Import Customs Compliance & Supply Chain Logistics aspects
  • Identifying the classification code using the Taric database
  • How to use RevPay to pay tariff / duty to Revenue.

Are Training Grants Available?

W.P.D. Freight Management are an approved service provider for Intertrade Ireland's BREXIT Advisory Service, and you may qualify for training grants.

For more information on the Intertrade Ireland funding application, click here.

W.P.D Freight Management are an approved supplier of InterTrade Ireland support.

Trade Facilitation Services:

  • Consultancy
  • AEO Accreditation
  • Incoterms Advisory
  • Known Trader Accreditation
  • Supply Chain ( Regulatory ) Validation
  • Customs Bonded / ACP Warehousing

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