Economic Operators Registration & Identification

As Brexit looms, one of the first most important requirements for Irish companies who import / export, is that of having an EORI number.

Here at W.P.D Freight Management we advise that this is applied for immediately (if you haven't one).
You can obtain an EORI number from the Revenue Commissioners. Further information can be found by clicking on the link below.

EORI Number - Application Process

Preparing your company for the possible outcomes

EORI Number

Quoting from the Revenue link on EORI:
If you are a trader who imports or exports goods into or out of the European Union (EU), you will need a unique EORI number. This number is valid throughout the EU. It is used as a common reference number for interactions with the customs authorities in any Member State'

What happens if Britain leave the EU?

When Brexit occurs, then Great Britain will be considered as being outside of the EU.

A soft Brexit would leave the UK closely aligned with the EU, with access to the single market and minimal impact on business. A hard Brexit would take the UK completely out of all EU agreements.

A "NO DEAL" Brexit means the UK and the EU would be unable to reach a agreement and there would be no transition period.

Our Brexit Toolkit - The Stepping Stones